I still remember the first time I stumbled across Olan Roger’s channel. It was his “Smoking Barrels” video, and halfway through the brilliant sketch about failed 18th century duels, I realized I was not only laughing, but cry laughing. You know, the kind of laughing where people are physically concerned about your well being.

 And that, sweet friends, is the sign of a great entertainer.

Olan Rogers first started uploading to YouTube in 2009 and quickly grew as a filmmaker and comedian through his high quality web series, such as “Pop Rocket” and “Admit One”, and his hilarious sketches, such as “Heart of the Sea.”

 Following Olan on YouTube, you’re guaranteed a wide range of well-made content but kept coming back because of the particular, hilarious way Olan tells a story. Whether it be his own personal stories about bad haircuts and UPS delivery men or web series that transport you into a world of action and fantasy, each story is told in a novel, creative way that keeps you entertained until the end.

Today, Olan continues to pursue YouTube while juggling a clothing line, construction on a soda parlour, and a budding acting career.  This past April, Olan starred as Walt Disney in the full-length feature “As Dreamers Do,” and just a month later, set out on a cross country tour to host free pizza parties for fans.

For Olan, the idea of YouTube fame is complicated. While popularity on the platform has given him the chance to pursue his passions, Olan remains cognizant of the invisible barrier between fans and creators and passionate about finding ways to break that wall down. When creating his “Eat A Slice” U.S. tour, Olan had two demands: One, the tour be free to all fans, and two, no matter how long, or how many people arrived, he would greet them all. At the peak of the tour, Olan spent 14 hours meeting with fans, and even after his feet felt broken and his voice was gone, Olan still felt amiss that he didn’t simply get to hang out with all the people who meant so much to him.

By following Olan’s instagram, viewers get a personal look into Olan’s upcoming YouTube projects, the clothing from his line, and the best of all, discount codes for the Olan Roger online store.

To all of you on the fence about subscribing, I want you to know this: At the end of a long day, it never ceases to make me smile seeing Olan has uploaded a new video, and in those five minutes, I sit back, laugh and forget all the stress previously cluttering my mind.

Cheers to you Olan Rogers, you’re a class act.

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Carly Lanning is a YouTube Nation curator, and as you can probably tell, a HUGE Olan Roger’s fan. What can she say, he’s a classy dreamboat.

:) Too cool!

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it’s almost two in the morning and I’ve had two red bulls in the past hour and I can’t stop laughing at this oh god what has my life come to

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"I’d like to see more shapes."

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when i ask u what ur favourite colour is i expect a colour of the rainbow not some guava sunset-salami coral reef bullshit 

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